Home boarding is becoming increasingly popular as it is a more enjoyable alternative for your dog than traditional boarding kennels. It is a fantastic way to ensure your dog has a holiday just as good, if not better, than yours!

Home from Home

We provide an individually tailored service for your dog(s), welcoming them into our family home where they can enjoy the perfect holiday. We have a large garden with plenty of shade for play times, exploring or just to relax in. With our rural, village location, we are surrounded by some incredible walks, from rolling hills to woodland. We allow the dogs full access to the downstairs of our house and the secure, enclosed garden. 


The main reason for using a home boarder is that the dog(s) spend their days and evenings with us so that they are comfortable and do not miss their owners. We ensure the dog(s) receive lots of love, attention, exercise, playtime and fuss and we treat all dogs as if they were ours. 

We only board one dog, or two dogs from the same household, so your dog(s) will never board with another dog, except for Harley. This reduces stress, and ensures your dog(s) receive all the love and attention!

A Typical Day...

At Harley's Home Boarding, we ensure that all dogs receive the love and care that they deserve. At the Meet and Greet session, we assess your dog's needs and create an individual daily plan to suit your dog(s) but here is a typical day at Harley's Home Boarding for Dogs. 

* Toileting then morning meal

* Mid-morning exercise (length dependent on age and fitness of dog)

* Quiet time

* Toileting

* Play

* Quiet time

* Toileting

* Play / socialisation in the garden

* Mid-Late afternoon exercise (length dependent on age and fitness of dog)

* Daily grooming / health check followed by rest time

* Evening meal

* Optional play and/or cuddle time

* Rest time

What to bring...

When your dog(s) comes to stay with us, we ask that you bring a few things for your dog(s) to ensure they are familiar and comfortable with their new surroundings and to allow them to settle as quickly as possible. You will receive information on what to bring once we have confirmed the booking.

Your dog(s) needs:

* Their normal collar and lead (and harness if they normally wear one)

* Food for the entirety of the stay

* Medication for the entirety of the stay (if required)

* Crate (only applicable if they normally sleep in a crate)

We strongly recommend you provide your dog's normal bed/bedding and any familiar items that will help them settle quickly, although we will happily provide these for you.

Please feel free to bring any drying coats, coats, brushes and bowls that are specific to your dog(s). We want them to be as happy and content as they are in their normal environment!

With your consent, we only provide natural, healthy dog treats,. However, should you require your dog(s) to have a specific treat, please make sure your supply enough for the entirety of the stay. 

Keeping You Up to Date

We fully understand how stressful and worrying it can be leaving your dog but to give you complete peace of mind, if you would like us to, we will update you via Whatsapp or email to share stories and photos from your dog's holiday with us. 

With your permission, we will post pictures on our Facebook and Instagram sites so make sure to follow us on social media to see the latest adventures of your four legged family! We will never post your dog's name. 

Bookings for 2022 and 2023

We are currently not taking on any new clients and apologise for any inconvenience. We recognise that home boarding is most dog owner's first choice and we wish we could help everyone with their boarding needs! To try and help you find the perfect boarder who hopefully has availability, we have attached a link to Cherwell's licensed establishments: