Meet and Greet


Before your dog(s) stay with us, you will be invited to a free Meet and Greet session. This allows you to meet us, see where your dog will be staying and allow us to ensure your dog(s) is happy in the company of our resident dog, Harley. It is vital they get along as they will be spending the majority of their time together. 

We will need to see proof of vaccinations, including kennel cough, so the Meet and Greet session is a perfect time to bring the vaccination cards. If you don't bring the cards, or the dogs are not up to date with vaccinations, including kennel cough, please ensure they receive them at least 14 days prior to their stay and email us a copy of the vaccination certificates.  You must also ensure your dog has been treated for fleas, worms and ticks prior to their stay. 

Prices - 2021-22
Home Boarding

£24.00 for 1 dog per day

£40.00 for 2 dogs per day

All services are charged at an overnight rate of £24.00 for 24 hours. To ensure there is no overlap of dogs, we charge an additional £1 per hour if your dog is not collected by the agreed time. 

Bank holidays, Christmas, New Year and Easter may occur additional fees, which you will be told at the time of booking.

Trial Overnight 

We understand that your dog may not have stayed away from home before or may be more anxious out of their normal environment. We welcome any dog for an overnight trial where they will get a chance to acclimatise to their new surroundings ready for their holiday.  

In an overnight trial, we ask that you drop your dog(s) over in the afternoon so we can take them for a walk and allow them plenty of time to settle before bedtime. They will sleep in the room they will be sleeping in throughout their stay and will be fed at the times you normally feed them. 


Overnight trial - £18


Day Care

We offer occasional day care for those days when you can't take your dog with you but don't want to leave them at home. 

Half day - £12 per dog

Full day - £15 per dog

We can only provide day care on the days we don't have boarding dogs so if you know you have an occasion planned, please book early to avoid disappointment. Your dog(s) will only spend their day with our resident dog and no others.

Prices - 2023
New price changes from 1st January 2023

£26.00 for 1 dog per day

£45.00 for 2 dogs per day

Overnight trial - £26

Half day of day care (less than 4 hours) - £15

Full day of day care - £18